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August 1, 2001
A quick note before we begin: I designed this survey initially to collect information about the things I'm interested in with sex. I've expanded upon those original questions considerably, and in doing so I have tried to include information for people who are interested in the same sort of information, but live a different lifestyle that I do. For instance, I am a heterosexual non-virgin. But, I've tried to include questions that directly relate or can be adjusted to fit people who are virgins and/or homosexual (or bi-sexual, for that matter).

A few people have been emailing me lately taking me to task for not making this survey able to completely fit their lifestyle, whatever it may be. No one has been including their email address for me to reply and try to give them my viewpoint in this matter, so I'm stating my reasons here to try and head off any more nasty comments. I'll always do my best to include the ability to state other lifestyles in the survey. If you can see ways of doing that, let me know. I've had two different surveys lately that point out ways to help alleviate their pain with the survey. I appreciate comments like this, and I'm working on ways of incorporating both of these.

If that doesn't satisfy people, then all I can say is tough nuggies. :^) If you don't like the way I do my survey, then start your own! Seriously, though, I simply can't fit *every* question into a format that includes every lifestyle. It's a sex survey for goodness sake! I'm sorry virgins, but there's gonna be questions about intercourse. :^)

Anyway, I want to thank you in advance for you patience... and on with the survey. :^)

In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, you must be 13 years of age or older to take this survey. If you're not 13 years old yet, quit searching on the net for sex and go talk to your parents already!

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