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The grave* of my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother Williams
*Note: I did a slight amount on contrast work on this image, just FYI.

Not too awfully long ago, I got bitten by the genealogy bug. Of course, life is never convenient enough to let me do all the research I want to do, when I want to do it.

I've been lucky when it comes to genealogy research. Two good books have been written about close branches of my family, as well as a couple of other small publications on some more distant relations.

Of course, the two biggest names that give me problems are the Williams and Smith families, mostly because of the large numbers of families with the same very common name.

Here's what I'm researching:

my great grandparents and great-great grandparents
Alfred Charles WILLIAMS, Sr. Jonothan George WILLIAMS
Katie Carson Joseph CARSON
Mary Josephine WINDLE nee DOOLIN
Willis Edward PONDER John Pattison PONDER
Georgia Ann Isabella THANNISCH
Lavada THAXTON Henry Cands THAXTON
Catherine Josephine HICKS
Howard Nesbitt SMITH John R. SMITH
Mary Elizabeth NESBITT
Laura Lozetta SCHISLER Walter A. SCHISLER
Dovey NUTT
Frank THORPE John Edward THORP
Lena Mae BARRON Walter Gray BARRON
As I get these pages built, I'll have supporting documentation for the names.

The Williams Family - My branch of the Williams' begins in England with the birth of my Great-Great-Grandfather John Williams, journeys to New Jersey where he picks up a wife, then to Georgia and Texas before the family spreads out to Oklahoma, Arizona, Missouri, Arkansas and California. Walter J. Williams has provided me with a wealth of information tracking back from my great-great-grandfather John Williams and connecting him to the rest of his family. Last Modified: 5/10/2010 12:48:26 PM

The Carson Family - My first cousin once removed (Harry Williams, Jr.) is focusing on the Carson's.

The Ponder Family - Early settlers in Ripley County, Missouri. My fourth cousin once removed (Jerry Ponder) has done a large book on the Ponder family dating back to 1755 on my 5th great grandfather, Abner Ponder.

The Thaxton Family -

The Smith Family - Mostly in Arkansas from the information I have so far.

The Schisler Family - There's a small booklet my grandfather gave me entitled, "Biography of Nicholas Schisler" was?written in 1955 by Orlando Patrick Sisler, is about 20 pages long that gives me some information on this family. I'll be writing a page soon to include this information.

The Thorpe Family -

The Barron Family - My 1st cousin twice removed (Jack Barron) has done a book on the Barron family that dates back to the early 1800's on my 4th great grandfather.

Soon to come, I'll add web pages for the various links of my family that you can look through and see who I'm related to. If you have any information related to these people, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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