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A Heterosexual 35 year old male responded on 1/30/2017:  View This Persons Survey
I think there are serious issues with incest but I am curious about what percentage are nonharmful. I don't think my older sister abused me by any means. We were just teens having fun.

A Bisexual 35 year old male responded on 6/19/2017:  View This Persons Survey

A Heterosexual 83 year old male responded on 7/9/2017:  View This Persons Survey
I like fact that survey included sex as well as masturbating

A Heterosexual 71 year old male responded on 10/3/2017:  View This Persons Survey
Lover and I are old people. I'm 71 and she's 68. She's widow and I'm married. Wife quit putting out 30 years ago. B and I dated and screwed in 1970, married others. Found each other 5 years ago. She fed me ice cream and we went upstairs. Oh my! I have inflatable penile implant and we do it for 8 to 10 hours some days. She is a "squirter" so we must use medical pads on bed. Every time she orgasms she goes skish. Boy does she love to do it! One time I got her wound up and she skished 30 times in 20 minutes,, screamed and fell off and just quivered for a while. She's a little old lady, short and just average looking for 68, got some wrinkles, but she is so incredibly sweet! And horney! We have about 10 different positions we can do at our age. I just love her!!! I'd like to do it with a young smooth lady one time though just to know what its like again. (I can't remember that far back) Never know what life will bring.......