The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey v. 3.0

There is finally a new version of the survey up!  It's about friggin time. 

One of my goals in life is to understand more about sex and what causes different people to have the attitudes toward sex that they have. Whether it's life lessons, personal enjoyment, or whatever. SO! I created this survey to collect various pieces of personal and sexual information. All information is confidential, and only the values will be used to create statistics.

Please be honest with your answers (I'd like for the results to be as accurate as possible), and don't take the survey more than once unless you are updating your answers (in which case, you need to indicate in the comments field that you're updating)

Please note:

If you think an answer requires you to have had sex, and you haven't had sex yet, then leave the question blank. Thanks!

A quick note before we begin: I designed this survey initially to collect information about the things I'm interested in with sex. I've expanded upon those original questions considerably, and in doing so I have tried to include information for people who are interested in the same sort of information, but live a different lifestyle that I do. For instance, I am a heterosexual non-virgin. But, I've tried to include questions that directly relate or can be adjusted to fit people who are virgins and/or homosexual (or bi-sexual, for that matter).

A few people have been emailing me lately taking me to task for not making this survey able to completely fit their lifestyle, whatever it may be. No one has been including their email address for me to reply and try to give them my viewpoint in this matter, so I'm stating my reasons here to try and head off any more nasty comments. I'll always do my best to include the ability to state other lifestyles in the survey. If you can see ways of doing that, let me know. I've had two different surveys lately that point out ways to help alleviate their pain with the survey. I appreciate comments like this, and I'm working on ways of incorporating both of these.

If that doesn't satisfy people, then all I can say is tough nuggies. :^) If you don't like the way I do my survey, then start your own! Seriously, though, I simply can't fit *every* question into a format that includes every lifestyle. It's a sex survey for goodness sake! I'm sorry virgins, but there's gonna be questions about intercourse. :^)

Anyway, I want to thank you in advance for you patience... and on with the survey. :^)

The survey is as anonymous as you make it! I send the survey's straight to a database and the results are compiled from there. The only way I will know who you are is if you fill out the email address at the bottom of the survey.

Are you ready? On with the questions....  (
* indicates a required field)

Routine Personal Info:

What is your Current Age?

What is your sex?* Male  Female

Are you married?  Yes  No

Have you been married before?  Yes  No
    (For people who are currently married, were you married before this marriage?)

What is your natural hair color?* 

What color are your eyes? 

What is your sexual preference?* 

What is your Religious Background? 

   If you selected Other:
   If you picked a religion above, do you practice regularly?  Yes  No

What is your Profession?   

Men: How long is your penis? (in inches) 
    Are you Circumcised  UnCircumcised
    Does a woman's breast size really matter to you? Matters Doesn't Matter 

Women: What is your bra size?  
    Does a man's penis size really matter to you? Matters Doesn't Matter 
    How big do you like your man's penis? (in inches) (please use single numbers only, no ranges) 
    Would you describe your orgasms as one of the following?

Information about your first time:

How old were you the first time you had sex?      I'm a virgin
  • If you're a virgin, please list what you would consider to be the main reason you haven't had sex.  (This is your reasoning, the "true" reason, not necessarily the reason you tell everyone else.) 
  • If you tell people another reason why you're a virgin, please list it and explain why you don't tell them the real reason: 
The following is for persons who've had sex:
What were the circumstances for your first time?: 
If you chose Other above, what were the circumstances?     

In relation to you, was the person: 

Did you enjoy your first time?  Yes  No

Approximately how long after your first time did you wait to have sex again?
    Days Weeks Months Years Haven't done it again, yet.

If you could do it over, would you: 

General Sexual History:

Do you enjoy sex?  Yes  No - Why Not?:    

Typically, how much time do you spend engaged in foreplay before having sex with your partner? 
    Minutes Hours

Do you Masturbate?* Yes  No - Why Not?:
    How old were you the first time you masturbated?
    If someone asked you in public, how would you answer?  Yes  No 
    Have you ever been caught masturbating?  Yes  No 
    Did the person who caught you join in (either masturbate you, masturbate themselves, had sex with you, etc...)Yes  No

Have you ever had an orgasm by stimulation of a body part other than the genitals?  Yes  No 
    If yes, Where? 

Have you ever been raped?  Yes  No

Number of Semi-Serious/Serious Relationships you've had: 

Number of Semi-Serious/Serious Relationships you've been in where you have had sex with that partner: 

    (A Semi-Serious/Serious relationship is defined as 'basically any relationship, even of short length, where you and your partner were spending more time together than "just" dating')

Approximately how many people have you had sex with? (total) 

How long do you normally date someone before having sex with them? 
    Days Weeks Months Years

Have you ever performed oral sex on someone? Yes  No  Has anyone ever performed oral sex on you? Yes  No 
On average, do you enjoy performing oral sex? Yes  No  On average, do you enjoy receiving oral sex from them? Yes  No 

Do you use birth control (this includes doing so for safe sex reasons as well)?  Yes  No 
    If yes, what method do you use most often?   
    If no, why the hell not? 

Do you have sex with the lights on or off? 

What do you consider to be the wildest/strangest thing you've done sexually?     

Where is the wildest/strangest place you've ever had sex?    

What is your favorite sexual position?  
Coming soon... Pictures!
Missionary Doggy Style
69 Cowgirl (Woman on Top)
Spooning Reverse Cowgirl (Woman on Top facing away)
N/A -- I'm a virgin  

It's the "Have you ever done this?" Quiz!:
Have you ever done or used any of the following?
Done it? Liked it? Want to Try?
Sexual Video/Photos
Anal Sex
Phone Sex
Cyber Sex
Group Sex
Sex with someone outside
your given sexual preference
An Affair

Information about your Parents:

How open are your parents about sex?* 

Did your parents (or their attitude) influence your decision to become sexually active?  Yes  No
If yes, How?   

Do your parents know you are having sex?  Mom does  Dad does Both know  Neither know 
    If yes, Do they approve?  Mom does Dad does Both approve  Neither approve 
        (I apologize for these two questions for people who are married, pregnant or any case where your parents obviously know.  But, please answer anyway.)

Current Sexual Activity:

Approximately how long have you been in your current relationship?
    Days Weeks Months Years
I'm not in a Relationship, Thank You.

Approximately how long after you began your relationship did you start having sex? 
    Days Weeks Months Years
Dammit! I said I'm not in a Relationship! Quit rubbing it in!
Hehe! We had sex before we started the relationship!

If you are currently in a relationship, what turns you on about your current partner?     

What do you look for in partners in general?  

How often do you masturbate?* 

How often do you orgasm by some sexual contact of another person, other than intercourse?*  
(i.e. getting fingered, getting a hand job, having someone go down on you, etc.)

How often do you orgasm by intercourse?* 

How often do you have sex (with or without orgasm)?* 

How many times do you normally orgasm during one sex session? (current or previous relationships, or through masturbation)  (please use single numbers only, no ranges)

Survey Improvement Questions:

You may notice that I do actually put in questions that people suggest.  If your suggestion isn't here (in some form or another), then I either didn't have enough information about your question, or it didn't fit the scope of this survey.

What questions would you like to see added?
    (Please Include example questions/answers if there's a certain topic you want covered.. (Also, please keep in mind that the best questions are the ones that can be answered yes/no, questions with constraints on the answers and questions involving numbers (how many, how long, etc.) This isn't a rule, just a suggestion.) Thanks!)  

Any comments?

Where did you hear about this survey? (If it was a link from another page, what page had the link? If it was a search engine, which one?)     

If I have any additional questions to ask you or need to clarify something, and if you wouldn't mind an email from me, please type your email address below (this information WILL NOT show up on the results page): 

At certain points when viewing the results, persons visiting this web site have the option to view individual results.  No identifying information being displayed (i.e. email address, comments, etc).  Do you want this anonymous survey viewable by others?
  * Yes  No    

Please note that if you don't get my "Thanks" page with the Infinite Thinkings logo after pressing submit, then your survey has not been submitted. If you get some sort of error message, then the survey is down and you'll have to try again later.
Scott Williams

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