Referencing the Survey Results

Since some of you may be interested in using the results of my sex survey in a paper, I thought I would give you a quick and easy way to grab your documentation. All you need to do is space and indent it according to your needs. The revision date (usually the first date) below is based on the last entry in the survey database. The cited date (usually the second date) is today's date.


Williams, M. Scott. "The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey Results" Infinite Thinkings. 28 Jan. 2017. 21 Feb. 2017 <>.

Style source: MLA Style


Williams, M. S. (2017, January 28). The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey Results. Infinite Thinkings. Retrieved February 21, 2017, from

Style source: APA Style

Chicago (Turabian):

Williams, M. Scott. "The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey Results." Infinite Thinkings. 28 January 2017. <>. (21 February 2017).

Style source: Research and Documentation Online: History


Williams MS. The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey Results [survey on the Internet]. Infinite Thinkings. Missouri: Williams; c2001-2017 [rev 2017 Jan 28; cited 2017 Feb 21]. [about 9 screens]. Available from:

Style source: Research and Documentation: Sciences

Please note: I can't know your professor or teacher's specific needs from any of these documentation styles, so please be sure to check any reference material they've given you before blindly using one of these styles. In other words: Don't come crying to me if they don't like the way I have it here.  :) 

I'd love to hear from anyone planning on using the results, so feel free to drop me a line.

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