The Infinite Thinkings Sex Survey Results

Results as of November 13, 1997

If you've taken the survey on or after this date, you answers may or may not appear.

Note the date above.  That's right, it's been over  23 years since this survey was taken.

771 people have taken the survey since it was created in October 1996. We're now on Version 2.21  , and because of changing questions, some results might have weird figures.

If you?re curious, that?s 51 surveys in 7 days.

Personal Info:

The average age of survey takers is 24.160, with a low age of 13 and a high age of 73.

48.38% surveyors are Male, 51.62% are Female.

21.27% report being married, 78.73% report not being married.  9.08% report having been previously married.

54.09% surveyors have Brown Hair, 22.57% have Blonde Hair, 8.69% have Red Hair, 11.54% have Black Hair, and 2.98% have Alternative Hair

Original Hair Colors: Brown: 59.27%; Blonde: 22.05%; Red: 5.97%; Black: 11.02%

Eye Color: Working on.

83.92% surveyors are Heterosexual, 2.20% are Homosexual, 11.93% are Bisexual, 1.69% were undisclosed.

Religious Backgrounds given so far: agnostic (17), American Baptist (1), Anglican (2), Atheist (24), Baptist (42), Buddhist (1), Catholic (154), Christian (98), Church of Christ (1), Covenant (2), Episcopalian (10), Freethinker (2), Godless, Hard to Explain, Holiness, I wasn?t even baptized, Jewish (12), Lapsed Atheist, Lutheran (22), Methodist (24), Mormon (1), none (84), Pagan (10), Pagan/Cathic, Presbyterian, Protestant (46), raised catholic now just a believer, Roman Catholic (18), Satanic (2), Southern Baptist (2), Wicca (7) [still need to add new ones]

Practice Religion: 61.33% reported that they didn't practice their religion. 29.23% do practice their religion.

Professions so far: we've had a ton of professions from accountants to writers and everything in between, but I?d say the majority have been college students (and quite a few high schoolers)

Information about surveyors? first time:

The average first time age was 16.42, with a low age of 4 and a high age of 31.   76 virgins have taken the survey. The average first time age for a male was 16.92. For females it was 15.95.

For the virgins out there: Reasons that virgins are keeping their virginity: (responses in {brackets} are the reasons that virgins tell other people why they are still virgins
"I have heard that it will be painful, and I do not like pain"
"My religious beliefs disagree with premarital sex"
"I feel sex is meant to be experienced within marriage"
"haven't had the opportunity"
"I do not want AIDS or to get pregnant."
"too young"
"waiting to be married -- want to make it special"
"Because I have not found the right guy."
"Still waiting for the right one"
"because I don't want to. I'm not ready for the responsibility"
"self conscious about my body"
"I don't want to have a child right now"
"never had a girlfriend"
"I believe God created sex for married couples. It's his precious give to give to two people who have decided to mate for life."
"Haven't gone out looking for it"
"too young, no opportunities"
"haven't found the "right person""
"too scary"
"the main reasons are (1) an opportunity has never presented itself, (2) I've never really pursued such an opportunity, and (3) I have been -- until recently -- somewhat afraid of sexuality in general."
"I don't like to be naked in front of people" {That I'm waiting to get married. It's just easy to tell them that then you don't have to explain yourself}
"no willing partners"
{the first time ever was in cancun and I was in a relationship back home at the time, no one knows}
"My religion and the fact that I want people (especially guy friends) to have respect for me. People respect you more when you haven't had sex"
"waiting for marriage"
"waiting for marriage"
"never had the opportunity" {I don't bring it up}
"Because I haven't had the chance yet"
"I'm only 13"
"haven't found the right person"
"My virginity is the only thing I call my own. I'm not ready to give it away yet."
"If I really loved the person"
"no particular reason"
"don't know how to talk to girls" {nobody knows}
"I have not found the right person yet"
"Want to wait till I'm married, haven't met the "right" person"
"Because I believe you should stay a virgin until you are married."
"waiting for the "right person""
"I haven't met the right person yet"
"no opportunities to do so"
"shyness" {haven't found the right person}
"I want to wait until I am married"
"lack of committed relationship"
"I can't seem to keep an erection so far"
"I don't want to and I'm going to wait until I get married"
"sex is a gift from God to be enjoyed on His terms."
"I'm waiting for the right person. I would like to be in a good standing relationship (maybe 3-4 months) before engaging in sexual activities"
"want it to be a meaningful experience, waiting for the right person" {same as above, but I add that it's by choice and not because I couldn't get it}
"coz I still have not find someone whom I love enough to have sex with"
"Because I'm scared of pregnancy and disease"
"Not Married"
"not ready" {I don't tell}
"haven't found anyone worthy of having sex"
"haven't felt secure enough or loved a man enough to truly give them myself."
"lack of oppurtunity/condoms"
"fear of getting a woman pregnant"
"situation never arose" {I am abstaining although I have had a girlfriend, neither one of us were serious enough to commit}
"morals, I'm waiting for marriage"
"Haven't met the right girl"
"want to wait till mariage"
"too young" {never asked the question}
"not felt right about it, too shy to move ahead" {didn't feel like it}

Since version 2.2, the circumstances surrounding a persons first time were:
(Standard Responses)
Dated for a long time: 16.59%
Had sex with the first person who would let them: 12.68%
They were married: 1.46%
They were raped: 3.41%
They really cared about the person: 23.90%
They were scared to say no: 2.76%
They thought it was the thing to do: 19.84%

Curiousity/Experimentation: 5.04%
Extreme Physical Attraction: 3.25%
Intoxicated (drug and/or alcohol): 1.46%
One Night stand: 0.81%
Things got out of hand: 0.81%
Engaged to the person: 0.16%

(Other Responses)
"wanted another so slept with his best friend"
"girl offered it"
"friends who were horny"
"we got this girl drunk and gang banged her. She was too tight"
"got really horny and knew someone who was attracted"
"the opportunity presented itself"
"thought I cared, but was really just taking advantage of the situation"
"something to do"
"I wanted to"
"some chick wanted to do it with me so we did"
"girlfriend slept over"
"kept being hasseled and finally gave in to her"
"totally clicked with a stranger and ended up sleeping with him"
"I wanted to really bad"
"Extreme pressure"
"it was whim. We had been friends for a year, physically close for a month, we decided what the heck"
"dated for a short time"
"wanted to get rid of it"
"I was molested by a family friend"
"Seemed right, known each other for 1 month.. It was right"
"we were mugged, but I fought the attackers off. I went upstairs to walk her home and we sat down to a movie. Eventually, we mutually agreed to have sex because we loved each other."
"was at a party"
"I stayed the night with a friend & her parents were out of town so, we got into their liquor cabinet, got shit-faced and some boys came over. The next day my friend told me that I had slept with two of the boys. I didn't remember and was devastated."
"heat of the moment"
"I was paid to"
"because I wanted to do it"
"dated for a long time, had broken up & just got back together with other person"
"he was a friend of my brother's we were visiting him in California. I had never met him before we got to talking one night, and just ended up having sex"
"I don't count my rape as having sex. Because having sex is something consentual. Even though I was raped when I was eight, I considered myself a virgin until I was 18 when I made love with my boyfriend"
"we were young and stupid. We probably didn't even do it right"
"asked my best friend's brother to be my first, he said okay because he fucked any girl who said yes."
"it just happened"
"My bestfriend had lost her virginity and I thought I should catch up with her and I was curious as well."
"Abuse by stepbrother"
"dated for a short time"
"seemed like fun"

For those having sex, their first person was: 48.15%  were Older, 33.19%  were the same age, 18.67%  were younger.
Of the surveyors, 34.53% didn't enjoy their first time; 65.47%  did
        Of the people who didn't enjoy their first, % were men, % were women (working on).

The average wait before having sex again after the first time was 141.24 days, with a low of 21 (a few minutes) and a high of 4380 (12 years).
        It's interesting to note that there was an average of 256.03 day wait for people who didn't enjoy their first time, compared to an average 72 day wait for those who did enjoy their first time.

If you could do it over...  If you had the chance to go back and experience your first time again:
42.26%  wouldn't change a thing.
11.01%  wouldn't wait so long.
26.64%  would change who it was with.
20.09%  would want to wait longer.

        Of the people who didn't enjoy their first, % wouldn't change a thing, % would wait longer, and % would change whom it was with. (working on)

General Sexual History:

Since version 2.2, 96.60% of the surveyors report enjoying sex. 3.40% do not.

Average amount of time spent on foreplay: 35.02  minutes. There?s a maximum of 300  minutes and a minimum of 0  minutes.

84.95% of the surveyors masturbate.  45.62%  wouldn't admit it if they were asked in public.  29.52% have been caught masturbating, and 55% of those were joined by the "catcher" (only 16.24% of the total surveyors have actually been joined by the catcher, in other words).

21.14% of the surveyors have had orgasms by some body part other than the genitals.  Answers so far (alphabetically of course, and grouping (with a ?/?) where possible):  anal/anus, anus & nipples together, anyplace there is skin, anywhere, ass, back, bedroom, belly button, boobies/boobs/breast/breasts/tits, brain, butt, chest, clit/clitoris, dream, ear/ears, finger/fingers, foot/feet, hands, inside of thighs, just about everywhere, knees, leg/legs/thigh, lips, mind, neck, nipples, nose, prostate, toes, and tongue.

And, one that defies grouping: "Difficult to explain. Done by breathing and affects entire body. It does involve some general stimulation the entire body, however"

Since version 2.2, 12.14%  of the surveyors have reported being raped.

Average Number of Semi-Serious/Serious relationships is 4.78 A low number of 0 and a high number of 69 were given.

Average Number of the above where sex was involved was 3.54. A low number of 0  and a high number of 50 were given.

Average Number of people that they surveyors have had sex with is 10.90.  A low number of 0  and a high number of 800 were reported.

Normal number of dates before having sex:

1st date:  
2nd date:  
1 week:  
1 month: 
3 months: 
6 months: 
1 year:  
Depends on 
person: 49.12%  


89.11% of surveyors have performed oral sex on someone. 88.92% of surveyors report having had oral sex performed on them.
83.33% of surveyors enjoy performing oral sex on someone. 93.33%  of surveyors enjoy receiving oral sex.
95.26% surveyors report that the receiving party enjoys their performing of oral sex. 89.87%  surveyors report that the person performing oral sex on them enjoyed doing so.

I plan on adding to the oral sex answers to show percentages of male and female responses.


The multiple partners/cheater questions are being reworked for the next version, and the answers as they exist now are being taken out.


Since version 2.2, 87.88%  of the surveyors report using these kinds of birth control:

Cervical Cap:
Foam/Spermicidal Gel:
Hormonal Injection:
Natural Family Planning: 0.55%  Norplant:
The Pill:


Those 12.12%  of the surveyors who don?t use birth control give the following reasons:
"I'm Dumb/Crazy Ruthless"
"No Need"
"don't know"
"I am married"
"Because men lack the potential to bear children"
"I'm not having sex lately - no relationship so I just abstain"
"Because I'm married and we're trying to have children"
"Did before but I am engaged and committed to one man now"
"I'm not currently sexually active"
"was using for too long - why the hell should I?"
"use the withdraw method (the most unreliable)"
"Depends on the person"
"No need to"
"too stupid"
"don't have sex enough"
"good question, no good answer"
"I'm male, I don't think I need to!!"
"female usually uses any birth control in my relationships"
"I do not have sex with the person I am with"
"I am not sexually active right now as far as intercourse w/ males is concerned"
"we are married and want another child, but we have been unsuccessful in 4 years"
"Been with the same partner for the last 4 1/2 years, and cannot become pregnant"
"I'm in a monogamous relationship and hoping for children"
"We decided to get married afterwards.. It was in the moment, the sex basically screwed up my mind about birth control"
"because we are safe"
"Gay people don't need birth control"
"I'm pregnant.. It's a little late (plan to in the future)"
"getting ready to get married and we want a baby but was using the shot and condoms"
"Because I'm gay"
"cause I don't have sex anymore"
"I'm married"
"trying to have a baby"
"I was stupid"
"because I don't have to, I'm married"
"well, sometimes, but it's like in the heat of the moment"
"I'm married, I'm catholic, and I'm sterile. Why bother?"
"my man and I are engaged and have a child"
"not sure.."
"I just don't"
"I've only had strait sex once (I did then)"
"I do it with women"
"sometimes condoms, don't feel as good"
"did for about 4 of them but with the other 2, babies were wanted"
"too stupid"

Anyone that?s been around this page for awhile knows that I?ve some strong opinions about some stuff, and birth control/safe sex is one of them. I realize that I didn?t specify that I was including safe sex with birth control, so I can excuse a few of these responses, but there are a few in particular that I want to comment about:

"Because men lack the potential to bear children" ? Now, at first, I got kinda pissed off, but I looked further and found out that this guy is gay, so I can forgive the lack of use of birth control, but aren?t you concerned about STD?s? The same goes for anyone gay or straight who doesn?t use birth control.

"I'm male, I don't think I need to!!" -- Now, you can tell that this guy is a real winner. I?m not an astrologer, but I have a prediction for the future: One day, you will wake up and find a civil processor knocking at your door with court documents regarding unpaid child support. Guy, we don?t need any more men like you running around giving us all a bad name.

"because we are safe" ? exactly how safe are you, and in what ways? If you?ve found a way to be safe (that?s guaranteed, besides abstinence) without using protection, let me know!

"sometimes condoms, don't feel as good" ? I told a friend of mine recently (she?s 16) that the only sure fire way to make sure that guys use a condom is to say, "either use it, or we aren?t having sex." Entirely too many guys use this line, and it?s funny how quick they change their tune when they can?t intimidate a woman and she stands up to them.

And, finally, for this installment ? the people who say they are just stupid, please start! I?m sure you?ve got enough problems without getting a disease or getting pregnant!

OK, I?m off my soapbox now, thanks everyone for listening. Please realize that I understand some people just don't care, and I probably seem like I'm on a high horse looking down here, but I'm not really. I'm actually concerned for you guys! I mean, hey! You took time out of your life to fill out my survey (even if some people do fill out completely bogus surveys), so how can I do any less! If you disagree with something I say, let me know about it! I?m willing to post anyone?s reply. I?ll even only reply personally to you, if that?s what you prefer.


Special thanks to SexKittyn for information on birth control methods. (You know, I?m male and don?t keep up with every single form of birth control commonly being used even if I do know them all.)

How people like the lights:

Always On:
Usually On:
About half and half:
Usually Off:
Always Off:

34.08% surveyors report having photographed or videotaped themselves in some sexual manner.

Wildest things done:

"Oral Sex" "Doing it on a city landmark in downtown Mannheim, GER." "Sex with two women with my father in the room"
"Having sex in the middle of town (i.e. the Gazebo, parking lots, etc)" "Had sex behind our high school" "Hrm. I'll keep that story to myself"
"a foursome" "using ice and wax" "Had sex in the parking lot of my dads apartment complex"
Stood on my head and came in my mouth (on a dare from a girlfriend), orgies, foot worship, gang bangs at high school events, I can go on and on "I let a girl give me head while I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone" "having sex on the toilet"
"handcuffing partner" "been tied up" "Blackmailed my uncles best friend into being my sex slave"
"group sex" "anal sex" "sex in a fast food bathroom"
"doing it at school, in high school" "I gave her oral sex in a botanical garden" "doggie style with someone else in the room sleeping"
"doing it when parents are in the next room" "Having sex at work" "spanking"
"too many to list" "strip crazy 8s" "sex in a park"
"My boyfriend and I had sex in a hospital parking lot, of course we were in a car, so that's not so weird." "In car in public park on busy road" "having sex on someone else?s car while they are doing it in the back"
"Have sex in park" "Had sex on the side of old boyfriend's truck. Outside my parents house" "Video taped ourselves having sex in a variety of positions and kept the tape to watch"
"sex in an observation booth at a club with 3 men watching" "too many to list" "sex in a parking garage in the middle of the afternoon"
"having sex in the bathroom at work." "Performed oral sex while my partner was driving the car" "I made love in an elevator"
"using sex toys" "I once brought a man I loved to orgasm without ever touching him. He was more shocked than I was." "two guys and 1 girl with misc fridge contents"
"69 back seat of a car parked up" "69" "don't remember"
"made love outside in the rain" "Had sex in a school bathroom during school" "forced to dress like girl, and given oral sex to my senior."
"masturbation in public" "a foursome" "Eating my cum and sucking a dido"
"my boyfriend blindfolded me, and put different things in my pussy, and made me guess what it was." "had sex on a moving tour bus" "shave my pubic hair off"
"I don't know.. I suppose let my short-term boyfriend masturbate me while my family and we were camping in the mountains.. VERY unlike me.." "Having intercourse in a bathtub" "Made love in the desert, at noon."
"dressing up in leather corsets, long skirts.. Looking sexy" "sex on a running washing machine anal sex sex in car with parents in it" "Sex in a supply shed at a country western dance club"
"sex on a golf green" "wildest, in a train.. Strangest, out in the wilderness w/ someone watching" "Threesome"
"anal sex" "have sex in a restaurant bathroom" "69"
"lets just say, Vibrators, Lsd, and body oil" "anal sex" "A boy I was dating gave me a spanking while I was naked in front of 3 of my girlfriends"
"had sex in a motel stairway" "Oh man..!" "group sex"
"Oral sex in a moving car, sex using ice cream" "Gave my boyfriend head on top of the CN Tower" DOESN?T REFLECT NEWEST

I am so behind on the wildest things, it?s not even funny. I?m going to start just using the ones that are particularly daring. What do you think? I don?t think masturbating or ?69? is all that wild? If you think I should post them all, no matter what, let me know.


Favorite Sexual Positions: In braces I?ll include sex and age like this: {M 24}

"woman on top" {M 26} "on side facing each other" {M 36} "on bottom" {M 38}
"doggie style" {F 24} "mersanary" [missionary maybe?] {F 16} "tie between being on top and doggie style" {F 22}
"Missionary" {M 15} "Me on top!" {F 19} "Lady on top" {M 20}
"on top" {M 35} "Me on top." {F 16} "Me on top of woman" {M 28}
"from the rear" {M 35} "spooning" {F 16} "the 'X' " {M 28}
"Dog style" {M 25} "From behind" {F 22} DOESN?T REFLECT NEWEST

Same goes with these, I?m working on reformatting the answers to make it a little more streamlined and able to make percentages out of these instead of just listing all the answers. When I?m done, it?ll look kinda like the first time circumstances, with percents and an "other" category.

Information about surveyors parents: 

 Parental Attitudes about sex:

Sex doesn't exist: 27.64%   Not until you're married: 23.58%   Only when you really love them: 19.11% Open: 21.00% Very open: 8.67%

14.27% of surveyors report that their parents (or parents? attitude) influenced their decision to become sexually active. The following are explanations of how they influenced them:

"Taught me to care about the person before I had sex with them."
"I'm not sure I think it was just my upbringing"
"They told me it was okay to have sex as long as I was careful and honest"
"I was too nervous"
"I don't want to be like them"
"I waited for the right person"
"They are very liberal!"
"To wait until I was married."
"My parents are divorced, and while my mother is very conservative, my father is blatently open about his experiences.. It made me think and decide what I wanted for myself"
"Constantly asked me to wait until marriage"
"They were kind of negative, made me want to try more"
"they were very liberal about it"
"taught me to think for myself"
"my mother is a big flirt and worked in a bar, so I was always seeing her flirting"
"They tell me I should (basically have to) wait. I don?t want to!"
"they were understanding of my decision to have sex. Mom got me on the pill."
"I wanted to try it because it seemed so "bad""
"my father always said to get some !@#$%"
"they'd kill me"
"my mother had four husbands, I don't want that"
"I'm inclined to say it didn't, but I'm sure somehow it did on some level of which I may not be aware"
"I was raised to have a low self-esteem, therefore I had sex too early and with too many people"
"not a man if no sex"
"They told me to have sex when it felt right"
"you know "if you really love them" yada yada"
"they had it in front of me"
"Nonverbal cues ("ahem" and such) when risque stuff came on TV when I was younger, clued me in that this was bad. Now they're liberals. I don't understand them. They've given me permission (not understanding why I need it). Weird, no?"
"mom doesn?t care"
**I?ve still got to update the newest responses here**

63.80%  surveyors report that their parents know they are having sex, 56.96%  of which say they approve.

Current sexual activity:

28.27% of the surveyors report that they are not currently in a relationship.

Those persons in a relationship have been in a relationship an average of 1529.39 days (4.19 yrs.).

Those persons in a relationship report having waited 103.28 days (3.44 mos.).

Orgasm Frequency (by Masturbation):

Once a week (or more): 
Once a month (or more): 
Hardly Ever: 
Don't Masturbate: 

Orgasm Frequency (by Sexual Contact):

Once a day (or more): 
Once a week (or more):  28.98% Once a month (or more):
Hardly Ever: 
Haven't Yet:

Orgasm Frequency (by Intercourse):

Once a day (or more): 
Once a week (or more): 
Once a month (or more):
Hardly Ever: 
Haven't Yet:

 The average number of orgasms during one sex session was 2.08 . The low number here was 0 , and the high was 23 .

Survey Improvement:

New Question ideas:  (if you like one email me at and tell me about it!  If you don't like these, fill out the survey)

I?ve taken these off the results for now? My form is working kinda funny, and I think all the junk on the page is too much for Word.. :)

Update info:

July 17: There was a woman that filled out a form either today or yesterday that I'd like to hear back from.. She said she wants more questions on mental stimulation, and I'd still like to hear exactly what she has in mind You said you read these pages a lot, so write back already! :) Just in case you don't know for sure if this is you, your wildest thing was bringing a man to orgasm without touching him.

Aug 25: Questions with a (2.2) will definitely be on version 2.2 (done).

Aug 28: The new survey is up (ver. 2.2), Also, my comments to certain things in the results are in italicized brackets [like this].

Sep 14: FINALLY! New survey results! Sorry for the wait, everyone! I had problems converting from the last survey to this one.

Oct 5: Caught the responses up to Sep 29.

Oct. 26: Caught up responses to Oct. 26. Added a page about why I created the survey (linked here),


I?m hoping to get these caught up as much as possible without having to take the survey down, but there is a very real possibility that I?ll just have to suspend the survey until I can get caught up.

Jan. 11: I?m slowly trying to get all the information from the surveys typed into my database. I?m not spending much time reworking this sheet until I can get everything into the database and the new survey started. Basically, this means that I?m not going to spend time putting up the text responses until I?m caught up with everything. As of this update, I?m caught up to Nov. 13 now.

Feb. 12:  All I can say is that I'm an idiot! :)  I've been typing all these damned text responses in when Access can make a web post-able report with the all the information based on a query.  Please don't hit me too hard! :)  I'm not at the house making some of these changes, so I'm making things new in red so that I can see the changes I need to make in Word at home.

Go take the survey!

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