Several Years of My Life:? A Photo History

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Welcome to a photo history of my last 35 years or so.? Mostly these are pictures just taken by me, with an occasional one thrown in of me.? I've tried to throw in a random sample of what all my life has consisted of, but I doubt I've done it.? Not enough room and entirely too many pictures to go through!? And of course, I didn't have my camera along in every aspect of my life, so there's pictures missing there too! :)?? (Note:? This is fairly graphic intensive.? I apologize for the delay in loading, but I wanted everyone to see all of it!)

Here we go!? Christmas 1986.? I was given a camera for Christmas and immediately took 6 rolls of film.? Luckily I slacked off some over the years (I don't think I've taken more than a roll or two in all of 1997 so far), but that's mostly because of the glasses and the pictures just don't come out quite right anymore... or maybe I'm just imagining it.? :)

Hopefully my picture-taking will increase now that I've got a digital camera and can play around more with just taking pictures and not worrying about paying for developing!! :)

January 1987:? A goofy picture of me playing around with the automatic settings on my camera.? Wasn't I cute? :)? I should be 13 here.? I don't guess I've ever really recovered from being goofy...?

Of course, I don't know that there's anything wrong with that, do you? :)

Jan 87 Stupid Grin
October, 1988.? That's me standing on a cliff over Current River at a place called K.C.'s clubhouse.? Apparently there had been a clubhouse there at one time, but it burned down.? That's the story, anyway.? A friend of my dad's had been talking about this place for years, and we finally convinced him to take us.? I wish I had some of the other pictures with me, because it was really cool.? See that field on my right?? Well, it stretched for a pretty good ways up and down that side of the river and had the hills as a backdrop. October 1988, KC's Clubhouse
Spring, 1989.? Ah, now this is a favorite photo of mine!? This is probably one of the better photos I've ever taken, without really trying.? She was going out with one of my best friends (who she later got married to, and later got divorced from, but that's not important to the story...) and after seeing this picture he had it blown up to a huge poster size and had a special frame for made for it.? He then gave it to her parents for her parents wedding anniversary.? A few years later, I happened to be in the house with my friend and saw the blow-up and said, "Wow, that's a good picture!? Who took that?"? Of course, he replied, "You did!? Don't you remember?"? Needless to say, I was fairly dumbfounded by seeing it blown up.? All the other pictures I had tried to blow up didn't turn out near as good! Ah, another Spring time favorite photo of mine.
Summer, 1989.? I really loved posing for this picture, can't you tell?? It's just a shame that it was only a pose.? I think dad was taking the picture here and had talked her into sitting in my lap for the picture.??

For as long as I can remember, I had a crush on her, but I don't think she ever knew it; everyone else in the world knew, though.? Of course, I guess if she ever reads this, then she'll know now, won't she?

Summer time now, 1989
Graduation Day, 1991.? I'm finally done with? high school.? Mom didn't like the fuzzy picture that was from my camera, so she sent me one a little better.? If I remember correctly, I was red from having been on the river the day before when a bunch of us weren't in school.? :)? Behind me is one of my ex-girlfriend's dad (on the left... only we hadn't gone out yet by my senior year), and directly behind me (the little bit of yellow and hair... (because my hair isn't that curly or long!)... well, I'm not exactly sure who that is... :)? A big jump, Graduation, 1991.
May, 1993.? I was out of high school, but my girlfriend at the time wasn't.? And, no, that's not what I'm being arrested for.? I'm not even really getting arrested.? :)? Probably the most dressed up I've ever been in my life.? I never went to my own prom (I can't stand the thought of it for some reason... probably because ours were so podunk), but my girlfriend insisted that if I loved her that I would go.? You guessed it, I went.? By the way, this is the same guy that I was on the river drinking and partying with a few years back.? Something happened and he got respectable for awhile!? (GASP!)?

He played a rather determining factor in my job status just a few months after this was taken... You'll see what I mean coming up.

Oh... and my ex-girlfriend says that I'm the one that wanted to go... I don't remember it that way, but I thought it only fair that you should hear her side of the story too... So, how about it? Why not give me your side of the story to include?? :)

Prom, 1993. I was out of high school, but my girlfriend wasn't.
May, 1993.? Shocking isn't it?? That's me, Scott Williams for the Commander Riker years, although I don't think that was the reasoning behind my beard.? Actually, I don't know what possessed me to grow a beard, but I did.? And, I had to have a picture of it so my kids could embarrass me about it in thirty years.?

I remember when I met my girlfriend at the time and I just happened to be wearing a T-shirt of Commander Riker and she looked at me and said, "Oh neat.? You've got a T-shirt with your picture on it..."? I should have laughed, but didn't.? :)

Me with a beard! Aug 93
August, 1993.? Now here's one that I just thought was cool.? I had been trying to take pictures of lightning without much success for a while, and then one night I guess I just got things set up pretty good.? Of course, it would have been easier if I would have had a tripod at the time and wasn't trying to hold down the shutter with my hand... causes it to jump a little.? But, I think it still came out pretty cool in the end.??

I actually had the camera propped up on books on the roof of my car.? That black thing on the left side of the pictures, next to the tree is my antenna.

November, 1995.? This was taken just before I stopped working for the Sheriff's Office.? Don't I look official?? That's me on the back row, second from the left.? I worked there for a little over two years full time (and as a reserve for another year after that) and had an absolute blast.? Of course, my job wasn't all that exciting, I got to sit behind a desk and talk on the radio and the phones all day, but I also got to ride around with the guys and occasionally got to do some search warrants and stuff.? Gee, until I look now, I didn't realize I was that short.? Of course, the shorter ones are kneeling in the front, though (I'm 5'11"). It's me working for the Sheriff's Office
February, 1996.? My ex-girlfriend and I posing on the banks of Current River.? No, my ex-girlfriend wasn't that much taller than me, we were just standing on a hill.???

If you look at my About Me! page, there's a picture that was taken at this same spot that actually shows the river, even though they were taken at different times.?

It's at the cabin of a friend of my dad's, and I just love going down there and sitting in the middle of the week when no one is around and you can only hear the water rushing by and the sounds of the various critters along the bank. It's really peaceful.

Me and my ex girlfriend, Feb 96
Christmas, 1996.? Here's one that mom sent to me to include.? She said that my photo album wouldn't be complete if it didn't show where I spent the majority of my time!? :)? So, I include this picture of me at my mom's computer over Christmas break, 1996.? Don't I just look wonderful not having showered yet?!? :)?

If you look close, you'll see a really neat desk that my step dad made for my mom. It's simply incredible. He made one for my grandfather too. Maybe if I can ever get a place of mine that I own, then maybe I can ask him to build me one... :)

?At mom's computer, Christmas 1996
February, 1998.? This is the most recent picture I have of my brother and I. We took this picture for my mom's birthday. Of course, since then, I've shaved my mustache off again. You think I'd find a way I liked it and stick with it, wouldn't you??

If you care, Todd and I are standing at the hallway that leads to our bedrooms. The kitchen is behind me and the front door is on my right. We're looking into the living room where the camera is sitting on a tripod.?

We took a whole lot of pictures that day, but I think the general consensus is that this one turned out best. Mom just doesn't like it when Todd and I aren't smiling in a picture. Go figure...

Todd and I, Feb 98
July, 1999.? This summer was a summer filled with running over/down to Lake Norfork in Arkansas to visit my grandparents. My roommates and I did a lot of scuba diving (or tried to), spending every minute we could underwater.

Of course, we occasionally had to stop and refuel. Pictured here is Todd's girlfriend, her daughter and sister, and the three roommates: Todd, Me and Ryan.

Eating Watermelon on the dock
Christmas, 2000.  At my mom's house they had a very bad ice storm right around Christmas.  I slowly inched my way down the interstate to get there, and grabbed a shot of this sign thinking it rather humorous at the time. Watch out for falling trees
February, 2001.  The Williams Family, what's left of it, anyway.  Pictured is myself, my father Charlie, my brother Todd and Dad's mom Georgia.  We lost Dad in August of 2001 to a stroke and Grandmother to Pneumonia in March of 2002.  Todd and I have been trying to manage all the family affairs. Family photo time
May, 2001.  Since I haven't been able to dive the last couple of years, I thought I'd show a picture of Todd and Ryan goofing off at the lake before a dive. Divers really should be more careful than this
December, 2001.  I can't believe I'm an uncle.  No, that's not my brother's baby, it's our step sister's.  Todd's sitting with his girlfriend, Dana, while we're getting ready to do our "Christmas Eve" gift exchange, which actually fell a few days early this year. Don't tease the boy like that, Todd!
October, 2002.  Yes, my little brother got married.  Can you believe it?  They were actually married in June and didn't have the ceremony until October.  I also hear that they are expecting a little one in the near future.  Sounds like I'm going to be an uncle again soon. :) Aren't they a cute couple?
March, 2003.  My first visit with my newest nephew.  My brother and his wife had Spencer in February, but this was the first chance I got to meet him.  Hi Spencer! Hey little Fellow!
June, 2003.  Sunset at Lake Norfork, Arkansas.  Several of us went camping and I decided to take some pics of the sunset.  I've got a nice little series of the sun setting behind the bridge, but I liked this one best. oohh... pretty.
February, 2004.  It was my youngest nephew's birthday, so I took the rare opportunity to get a decent pictures of both of my nephews at once.  Sitting with them is my stepdad. two handsome 
                  young men
May, 2006.  I don't make a big deal about my birthday on any given year, but for some reason this year I wanted to do something a little more special. I invited over the closest friends in town and we watched Grey's Anatomy. Now *that's* a party. watching Grey's
November, 2006.  I wanted to do a Christmas card to send to people I'm not in touch with a lot, including some distant family. So, in November I went down for a visit with my brother and took pictures of us as a family. The picture I used was on the front page of the site, but I really liked this one of the three of them. Todd, Spencer and Dana
December, 2006.  Christmas time means time with the nephews. Here's my nephews taking a break from playing upstairs two handsome 
                  young men

I hope you've enjoyed a quick pictorial of my last few years.?I know it probably wasn't all that exciting, but I can't help it!?:)? Any comments and/or suggestions are very welcome, so write me at

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